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The JCR Collaboratory Framework:

The project is headed by
Professor Michal Alberstein, of Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law in Israel, who is the Principal Investigator in the project. The Project’s core team and main offices are located in Bar Ilan University.


To facilitate the operation of the JCR Research as an international, interdisciplinary and collaborative research project, the core team instituted the JCR Collaboratory organizational framework. As its name suggests, the JCR Collaboratory is a collaborative research lab dedicated to promoting the development and study of new and experimental ideas related to judicial conflict resolution. It serves as an incubator, support network and enabler of research and policy making in the field. The vision of the JCR Collaboratory is manifested in the JCR Collaborator Circles.


Local Research Teams:

International Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides guidance, support and oversight for the research project, on issues of research design, methodology and progress as well as theory building and policy development.  It includes leading experts in areas related to JCR: