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 The JCR Collaborator Circles are biweekly seminars that are aimed at creating a multidisciplinary community interested in the JCR research themes and engaged with the project’s work. Participants include students, researchers, judges, mediators, lawyers, policy-makers and all who wish to join the JCR Collaboratory mission to learn, shape and advance JCR. In each seminar, a speaker leads the participating collaborators through the study of a different facet of JCR, followed by an open discussion. 

The JCR Collaborator Circle Seminars serve as a critical bouncing board throughout the progression of the research and are particularly helpful in advancing JCR theory building throughout the phases of the project. It is expected that some of the participants of the JCR Collaborator Circles will actively contribute to articulating and addressing the theoretical and comparative foundations of the research in the project’s planned articles and books.

In May 2019, we held an International symposium in conjunction with the Law Faculty at Bar-Ilan University and Haifa Univeristy on the topic  Multi-door Criminal Justice. 


The following videos of the sessions are available: 

International Advanced Conflict Resolution Training in conjunction with University of Firenze

Multi-door Criminal Justice SymposiumThe Rehabilitative Door 

Judicial Conflict Resolution Training for Judges

The Preliminary Hearing Door :  Managerial Judicial Conflict Resolution (JCR) of PleaBargaining: Shadows of Law and Conflict Resolution

Comparative Criminal Doors of Contemporary Judicial Activities 

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 Previous Sessions of the JCR Collaborator Circles



Speaker:  Prof. Eran Halperin, Dean of Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology at IDC Herzliya
Topic: "Emotion and Emotion Regulation in Conflicts"
Respondent: Hon. Judge Michael Tamir, of Tel Aviv Shalom Court.




Speakers: Mr. Amos Gavrieli and the Honorable Judge Daniel Weinstein
Topic: "Between Mediation and Law - Institutionalization, Authority and Innovation" 




“Reflections of a Mediator on the Decline of Formalism” 

Prof. Lela Porter Love (December 2016)



  Appropriate Dispute Resolution to Online Access to Justice 

Prof. Janet Martinez (December 2016)



  Formalism and Informalism in the Digital Age 

Dr. Orna Rabinovich-Einy (December 2016)



  Regulating Judicial Discretion - Between Formal and the Informal 

Dr. Nourit Zimerman (December 2016)




“The vanishing trial phenomenon and mix methods challenges of working with big Data”

Speaker: Professor Nadav Davidovitch, Ben Gurion University

Discussant: Dr. Nourit Zimerman

  “Observations in Courtrooms: Empirical Challenges.”

Speaker: Dr. Michal Rom.

Discussant: Dr. Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg



  Regulation studies and the work of judges”

Speaker: Professor Oren Perez, Bar Ilan University

Discussant: adv. Tamir Gaziel, State Comptroller Office, Israel




  “Generative Narratives of The Judicial Role”

Speaker: Professor Shulamit Almog, Haifa University

Discussant: Judge Dori Spivak. Labor Court Tel Aviv



  “Autonomy, right enforcement and settlement: reflections from England and Wales” 

Speaker: Dr. Rabeea Assy, Haifa University

Respondent: Dr. Hanan Mandel



  “Compromise in Jewish Law and the role of the Dayan” 

Professor Suzanne Stone, Cardozo Law School
Discussant: Dayan Daniel Mann, Beit Din Eretz Hemda – Gazit



  “The possibility of evidence based criminal justice”

Prof. David Weisburd, Hebrew University 
Discussant: Dr. Daniella Beinisch, founder of community courts in Israel, JDC Ashalim Israel 




“Settlement culture in the courtroom – new projects and ethical aspects."

Hon. Judge Noa Grossman, Tel Aviv Shalom Court
Discussant: Dr. Omer Shapira, Ono Academic College  




"Sitting in Judgment"

Prof. Penny Darbyshire, Kingston University London

Discussant: Dr. Orna Elyagon-Dar, Carmel Academic Center




"Thoughts on the Study of Judicial Behaviour"

Prof. Lee Epstein, Washington University

Discussant: Dr. Ayelet Sela, Bar-Ilan University



"The New Roles of Judges and the Empirical Challenge

Round table of judges: Justice Dalia Dorner (retired), Supreme Court of Israel; Judge Dr. Iris Rabinovich Brun, Central District Court; Judge Prof. Ofer Grosskopf, Central District Court



Round table of judges on The New Roles of Judges and the Empirical Challenge  
Justice Dalia Dorner (retired), Supreme Court of Israel; Judge Dr. Iris Rabinovich Brun, Central District Court; Judge Prof. Ofer Grosskopf, Central District Court



"The Law of Good People" Prof. Yuval Feldman, Bar-Ilan University




Comparative Hands on Exchange for Judges and Mediators

to Promote Conflict Resolution in the Shadow of Authority