Special Advanced Onlince Training Program for Conflict Resolution that took place at University of Firenze. The video of the judicial training session. May 19-20, 2020

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New Article on the ERC-JCR project published in the EU Researcher, Spring 2019. 

Program for Multi-Door Criminal Justice Symposium, May 27-29, 2019

For a complete update on our research project see the latest presentation Judicial Conflict Resolution Map May 2018. 

Guidelines for Court Observations by Dr Michal Rom 

Presentation of principles in qualitative research and primary training in observations in the courtroom. 

Article recently published in Ohio State Law Journal on Dispute Resolution on “Constructive Plea-Bargaining: Towards Judicial Conflict Resolution” 

New article published in Harvard Negotiation Law Review, "Judges as Gatekeepers and the Dismaying Shadow of the Law: Courtroom Observation of Judicial Practices"  Ayelet Sela; Nourit Zimerman; Michal Alberstein 

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