Professor Michal Alberstein, Principal Investigator

Michal Alberstein, SJD Harvard University; LLB, BA, Tel-Aviv University; is a professor at The Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. She is also the Primary Investigator on an ERC consolidator grant to study Judicial Conflict Resolution (JCR), and the co-editor of The International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution. (IJCER).She is the sexual harassment commissioner of Bar Ilan University. She teaches jurisprudence and conflict resolution. Her current research deals with theories of law and conflict resolution and their intellectual roots; multiculturalism and its relation to negotiation and mediation; representations of conflict resolution in literature and film; trauma and memory: medical, legal and cultural perspectives, judicial work of settlement and conflict resolution. She is the author and co-editor of numerous books and articles in English and Hebrew, including the following books: Pragmatism and Law: From Philosophy to Disputes Resolution (UK 2002); Trauma and Memory: Reading, Healing and Making Law (Stanford University Press, 2007);Jurisprudence of Mediation (Magnes 2007, in Hebrew); Alterative Justice: Mediating, Restoring and Healing through Legal Institutions (2014, in Hebrew); Trauma’s Omen: Israeli Readings in Identity, Memory and Representation (2016).