JCR Collaboratory is an international academic initiative that explores the changing roles of judges, and particularly their practices of conflict resolution and settlement. Our work crosses jurisdictions, legal systems and processes, as we wish to build new theories of judicial conflict resolution and contribute to the discourse on the vanishing trial phenomenon. We aspire to impact policies in the areas of dispute system design, ethical conduct and regulation of judicial work as well as judicial training.

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The overarching goal of the project is to understand the role of judges and courts in promoting settlement: describing and conceptualizing judicial activities from a conflict resolution perspective. The project has theoretical, empirical and prescriptive policy components:



The JCR Collaboratory operates in several spheres, all intended at developing a community of academics, practitioners, policy makers, judges and other related stakeholders who want to engage with JCR and achieving the overarching research and policy goals of the project.


Meet our team headed by Prof. Michal Alberstein.


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