Dr. Edite Ronnen, Qualitative Advisor and Research Coordinator in England and Wales

Edite Ronnen, has received her PhD from the London School of Economics;  LLM from Bar Ilan University and BA from the Hebrew University, (both in Israel). She is a research fellow of the ERC Center on Judicial Conflict Resolution (JCR) at Bar Ilan University. Her PhD thesis, under the supervision of Prof Simon Roberts, was entitled “Mediation in a Conflict Society.” It offered an examination, drawing on Law, Sociology, and Anthropology, of ways by which parties deal with conflict resolution in a polarized society. In particular, it analyzed how mediation processes and peaceful resolution are implemented in an environment rife with legal claims and disputes. This research used innovative qualitative Law research methodology, which included observations of mediation in civil small claims cases. She is a certified mediator since 1998 and a graduate of an advanced mediators’ course. Edite had previously worked as a lawyer in civil law and human rights.